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DOTS is a collective initiative to identify needs, synthesize priorities, provide resources, and coordinate efforts to further the development and deployment of decentralized technologies. By addressing these issues, we can increase the overall quantity and quality of decentralized applications.

This roadmap is currently maintained by Eileen Wagner and Karissa McKelvey, with a group of volunteer contributors and advisors. We are actively seeking funding for all contributors; fueling the development of high-quality resources on a faster timeframe.

You can support us by backing DOTS.


Project scope and research design
Summer 2019
Workshops and interviews
Winter 2019
Publish research report
Spring 2020
Design patterns
Summer 2020
Shared decentralization glossary
Fall 2020
Pattern library for developers
Winter 2020
Explanatory resources about decentralization
Summer 2021
Comparative map of decentralization projects
Fall 2021