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Join our monthly community assembly!

We invite comments, questions, and new ideas regarding design patterns in decentralization and related technologies.

Every second Monday of the month at 16:00 UTC / 18:00 Berlin / 9am California.

Join us on Discord!

What to expect

Our Assemblies are hour-long, participatory events where we set the agenda depending on the people in the room. Our focus will be on design aspects in decentralization, but we explicitly welcome non-designers and non-developers to join the conversation as well!

  • Hello & welcome!
  • Agenda hacking
  • Presentation and/or breakout sessions
  • Last 10 min: new pattern requests & proposals

We will be hosting the event on Discord, a platform that allows community members to communicate over chat, voice, and video. We also use Miro for collaborative whiteboarding.

Design sprint illustration