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Decentralization Off The Shelf is a commons project; we create tooling and resources by the community and for the community. We invite your participation both in sharing your specific problems and challenges, as well as offering possible solutions for specific topics.

Our communication channels

  • Our repository via GitHub for issues related to the pattern library development
  • DOTS repository
  • Find us on Reddit for wide open discussions and community forum
  • Reddit
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For speaking engagements, workshops, grants, and partnerships, inquire through our email!

What's next?

We're hard at work on a steady pace to make good decentralization practice easier to incorporate into applications and protocols. See what we're up to now and what's next!


We are actively seeking funding and support for this project. Decentralization Off The Shelf is hosted by Simply Secure, a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your donation will help our ongoing work in creating tooling and resources for the decentralization community.

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