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Decentralization Off The Shelf is a commons project that helps create tooling and resources by the community, for the community. We actively invite your participation in sharing your specific problems and challenges, as well as offering possible solutions for specific topics.

  • Open Source Design Patterns
  • Our design patterns live in a Github repository where you can join our discussion or propose a new pattern.
  • Discuss and propose patterns
  • Community Chat
  • We’d love to hear from you! Options to participate in community chat for day-to-day communications and tea time include:
  • Matrix community
  • Discord server
  • Monthly Community Assembly
  • In our monthly assembly we invite comments, questions, and new ideas regarding design patterns in decentralization and related technologies.
  • See details on monthly community assembly
  • Design Help for your Project
  • We also give talks and facilitate invite-only workshops, focus groups, and conference gatherings about decentralization! For speaking engagements, workshops, grants, and partnerships, inquire through our email. To get notified when we release new resources and get invited to events, sign up for our newsletter.
  • E-mail newsletter


DOTS is a collective initiative working to identify needs, synthesize priorities, provide resources, and coordinate efforts to further the development and deployment of decentralized technologies. By addressing common obstacles to effective decentralization design, use, and adoption, we can increase the overall quantity and quality of decentralized applications. Given the size and importance of this project, we are actively seeking funding to help fuel the development of high-quality resources on a fast and efficient time frame.

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Our core values are mutual respect, open-mindedness, human-centric approaches, and inclusion. All design assets created are licensed under CC-BY. All code created is open source. The legal entity sponsoring DOTS is Simply Secure, a US 501(c)3.

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