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Our Governance Structure


The project’s Maintainers hold decision-making power while seeking to represent a balance of the views and the best interests of the community as a whole.

DOTS creates resources and toolkits that help with usability and adoption of decentralized applications.

Our core values are: mutual respect, open-mindedness, human-centric approaches, inclusion.

All design assets created are licensed under CC-BY. All code created is open source. The legal entity sponsoring DOTS is Simply Secure, a US 501(c)3.


Participation is open to anyone who wants to join.

The Maintainers can remove misbehaving participants at will for the sake of the common good. We follow Simply Secure’s Code of Conduct.

Participants involved in the development of open source resources are Contributors, participants involved in strategy and fundraising are Advisors.

In the event that one of the Maintainers is unable or unwilling to continue leadership, they may appoint a new Maintainer or choose to alter the governance structure entirely.


The Maintainers set the community’s policies and make decisions for the community, taking reasonable account of input from other community participants.

The Maintainers are responsible for implementing—or delegating implementation of—policies and other decisions.

If Contributors are not happy with the Maintainers’ leadership, they are free to voice their concerns directly. An open community forum will be held at least once a year, (but likely more often), where input will be solicited.


Access to accounts sit with the Maintainers, and can be shared with Contributors and Advisors as needed.

The Maintainers manage all funds; distribution of funds is made transparent on Github and Open Collective.

Anyone is free to discuss and debate community policies, practices, and culture.


The Maintainers can change the governance structure at will.