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Join our virtual design workshop this fall!

Decentralization is full of hard UX problems waiting for talented designers to tackle. This fall, we invite you to collaborate with a community of designers interested in building a library of design patterns for decentralization.

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Topics we will cover

  • Mental models of decentralization and networking in general
    • What data is stored where?
    • Where are the boundaries between apps, archives, mounts?
  • Relationship between protocols and clients
    • What is a protocol, what is a client?
    • What does it mean for a protocol to have multiple clients? (and vice versa)
  • Agency & identity
    • Who else knows who I am? Can I be anonymous?
    • What happens when I lose my password?
    • Can I use multiple devices? Can I share a device with others?
  • Security & authentication
    • Who can see what, and for how long?
    • Why can’t certain data be deleted?
    • What happens if a device is lost?
  • Online status & synchronization & availability
    • Does this network require the Internet to work?
    • What does it mean to optionally use the Internet?
    • Will my content be available at all times? How reliable is this service?
  • Licensing & intellectual property
    • What does it mean to have other people’s data on my machine?
  • Governance & content moderation
    • Who has control over shared content and infrastructure?
    • How can I block someone?
    • Who can I call if I run into a problem?

There will be two parts to this workshop series. The first one introduces the existing design patterns and use cases. The second one takes the existing design patterns further and provides more structure for the corresponding use cases. View our first set of design patterns here on GitHub.

By participating in this workshop series, you get to:

  • learn more about decentralization technologies;
  • contribute to a field driven by empowerment, resilience, and sovereignty;
  • develop completely new and ground-breaking designs;
  • meet other like-minded folks in this area.

Design sprint illustration

Our workshops will take place on the internet on the following dates:

  • Part 1: Wednesday, Sep 23 12pm ET / 6pm CET / 9am PT for 2.5 hours and
  • Part 2: Wednesday, Sep 30 12pm ET / 6pm CET / 9am PT for 2.5 hours

Not a designer? We’d still like to invite you to participate. Sign up and we will be in touch!

Register to attend our design workshop!

Participation is free-of-charge.

This workshop series will be facilitated by Lola Oyelayo-Pearson, Eileen Wagner, and Karissa McKelvey.